Bogs Boots 20% Off Coupon + 3 Features You Need in a Winter Boot for Kids


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bogs_boots_kidsBogs has awesome winter boots for kids! We all know it’s inevitable; it’s going to snow at some point in the near future. Why not make the first snowfall of the season a special one by shopping for winter boots now? And what boots are more fun for kids than Bogs? When the first storm forecast hits the airwaves, your kids will be ready and eager to play in it.

Make your time less stressful in the days leading up those first few flakes by being prepared with new pair boots in the closet. It’s also a great time to snag up some fall deals and get the size and color of boot you want. Waiting means the possibility of settling for a less-than optimal color choice and/or brand because the one you wanted no longer has your child’s size. Been there, done that and trust me, it’s not fun.

Here are some helpful hints on what to look for in a great pair of winter boots for kids of all ages, and certainly reaffirm our Bogs recommendation.

1 – Ease of use. Ever wonder how you can simplify your hectic life? Or shave minutes off your morning routine? Choose winter boots that your children can put on and take off themselves easily. Winter boots with handles and wide openings that your child can slip on and off within seconds, make great choices. Bogs patented handle design ranks up there with the invention of sliced bread.  I’ve noticed other boot companies now playing catch-up with them. Scrap any boot that has laces or buckles of any kind. They are difficult to maneuver and create the need for adult help.

2- Durability. Look for boots that can last and act as hand-me downs. The boots should be made up of good quality materials with few seams. Boots that are washable are a bonus. Look for boots that aren’t single-season wear. For instance, Bogs are great for fall, winter and spring. Try adding a wool liner to a pair of rain boots if you live in a climate that allows this. If your children are different sexes, avoid pink. Neutral colors work best for hand-me downs.

bogs boots sweat pea kids3-Warmth ratings. Any parent wants to make sure their child has warm, dry feet when outside. Luckily for us, most winter boot companies will list their warmth ratings on their packaging or online under their product details tab. Bogs, even with their wide openings are warm rated to -30 Fahrenheit. Say good-bye to frost-bitten toes. The upper part of the boot is made from 7mm neoprene making them both waterproof, windproof and cozy warm. You will see cheaper knock offs of this boot, but if you read the fine print you will see that they use a less thick neoprene (4-5mm only), making them not as warm.

If you want to know more about Bogs, check out the faqs at their website. If you want a sweet discount, grab a coupon code from our site!

Whoever said you had to give up fashion for function hasn’t shopped for boots in the last decade. Great quality kids winter boots are can be both. While shopping for your Bogs, check out their new adult line dubbed “Summit”.  Because we all know life is too short to not play in the dirt and snow.