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Reebok ATV Shoes on Sale: $10 Off Coupon (Ongoing)

Get a Grip – Reebok ATV 19 on Sale! – Well it looks like shoemall now has the best price on Reebok ATV’s. Click below for a coupon and free shipping:

reebok atv

Reebok ATV Coupons: Ugly shoes, pretty nice discount!

reebok atv niel patrick harrisWhoa boy, it’s cold up here in New Jersey. For the past month it seems like we’ve been under constant assault from sleet, freezing rain, snow and more sleet. But, if you’re like me, you’re not going to let a little inclement weather get in the way of your trail run. Especially this time of year I find it’s important to get outside for some fresh air, since most of the time I’m cooped up in temperature-controlled box without much sunlight.

And if you do plan on braving the elements to get some outdoor exercise, you’re going to want to wear the right gear – especially the right shoes so you don’t end up on your butt every other step.

Now, I know what you are thinking. And I do agree that they are odd looking, almost ugly. Kind of reminds me of some sort of strange caterpillar or even an unfortunate octopus who suffers from STS (stumpy tentacle syndrome). But if you are able to get past the initial visual shock, you’ll see that these shoes are a wonderfully designed tool for a specific task.

The Reebok ATV (all terrain) shoes

The Reebok ATV 19 was specifically engineered for sloppy, slippery conditions. Featuring 19 individual “lugs”, this shoe was made to punch through the top layer of whatever (snow, sand, mud, ice) and get down and dirty where you can gain some traction. Like an ATV tire would, duh.

Originally designed in partnership with Spartan Race, which features competitors running through mud, fire, and other assorted craziness, these shoes are starting to gain some (ahem) “traction” in the celebrity community. And I’ve been reading reviews from ordinary citizens as well, and they are all positive.

These shoes are currently on sale at Finish Line (between $40 – $60), and if your order is over $75 they qualify for one of our $10 Finish Line coupons. And remember, Finish Line has a very generous return policy – so if they aren’t a good fit you can always send them back.

Want to know when the next ATV’s will be released? Check the new shoe release calendar here.