Foot Locker Free Shipping, Promo Codes, Coupons: 2020

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Foot Locker is one of the top names for the hottest shoe brands and styles online and in-store. They also are well-known for their low prices and release at least 2 new promotional codes every week for up to a 25% discount or free shipping!

Check out today’s best promotions below.

Foot Locker: Best Coupons | Using a Code | Free Shipping | Military Discount

*Update (April, 2020): Foot Locker just released 3 new promo codes on their on-site coupon page here!

Best Foot Locker Promotions, Free Shipping Now:


Featured promotion at Foot Locker

How to Use a Promo Code

Using a Foot Locker promotional code is easy. Just add any shoes or other sports gear to your cart, and click the shopping cart icon to review. Under order summary, you’ll see a text link that says, “promo code.” Click that, and you’ll get a box like this:

Just enter your code in that box, click apply. If the code is valid, the discount will be itemized under the order summary like this.

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Tip: Try more than one promo code at checkout! If you aren’t sure whether the “20% off $50+” code is better than the “$25 off $100+ code, try them both, and see which result in bigger savings!

If you have an order over $50 you should be able to take advantage of free shipping plus get the discount from a coupon code. Sweet!

Promotional Code Not Working?

If the code you entered is not valid, you’ll get a message that says, “The promotion code you entered is invalid. Please verify the entered code and try again.”

So, why doesn’t your Foot Locker promo code work? Besides the obvious possibility that your code has expired, there are a few common reasons why codes don’t work, and here they are:

  • Codes have minimum order requirements: Most of the featured codes released at require that you spend at least $50, or as much as $150+
  • All Foot Locker Coupons have exclusions – New shoe releases and top brands like Jordans are usually excluded from codes of all kinds in every online shoe store. The best you can hope for with some brands is free delivery!
  • Codes may have confusing characters and numbers: Foot Locker’s codes aren’t actual words, nor easy to remember. For that reason, an “O” might look like a “0”, and your best bet might be to directly copy a code from a popup
  • Promo Codes Don’t Work In-Store – Most of the deals and promotions on this page are for online-only but will say, “printable,” if they are good in-store

Foot Locker Free Shipping? Yes, 3 Ways to Get It!

The standard shipping cost for a single pair of shoes is about $7, so it’s a nice bonus if you can get free delivery. You’re in luck because there are several ways to do so.

1. Free Shipping With Minimum Order:

Foot Locker usually offers free shipping site-wide if you spend a minimum amount. The current minimum order is $50, but that can change:

foot locker free shipping code

2. Free Shipping No Minimum With FLX:

FLX is Foot Locker’s rewards program that extends across its whole family of brands. Signing up is free, and gets you free shipping on any order with a few exclusions:

foot locker free shipping no minimum

3. Free Shipping Codes:

It’s also possible that there is a promo code for free shipping available. While most require a minimum order, others offer free delivery on any order. One example might be “$20 off + Free Shipping on $100+.”

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More Ways to Get a Discount:

There are other ways to get a discount besides using a promo code or coupon. Members of certain groups also qualify for a discount at and in-stores. Here are other Foot Locker discounts that you may qualify for:

• Military Discount:

Members of the military are entitled to a 15% discount on any order with no minimum. This military discount also extends to immediate family members and Veterans. Just have your military I.D. with you when checking out at any Foot Locker store. Learn more

*You can also get a military discount on TurboTax from!

• Student Discount

Foot Locker used to offer students a 10% discount with no minimum. However, they are not currently offering that discount now. The good news is that the featured coupons above are probably better than that, including the 20% off $50+ promo code.

Students are encouraged to join the Foot Locker Rewards program which gives you free shipping on any order in addition to any discount you get from a promo code!

• Other Discounts?

I also recommend comparing the prices at Foot Locker against Finish Line. Sometimes they have certain styles of shoes on sale or a superior promo code that results in bigger savings. Before placing your order consider checking out their coupons!

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