lebron dunk on jason terry

Lebron James Dunk on Jason Terry (Lord Have Mercy!)

Is the 2013 Lebron alley-oop dunk on the Celtics’ Jason Terry one of the best NBA dunks ever? If you haven’t seen it or just want to experience it again, here’s the highlight of Lebron’s posterizing dunk on Jason Terry:

And, what a great play to set that up!

That’s Dwayne Wade with the steal and pass to Mario Chalmers to Norris Cole who throws up the sweet alley-oop to Lebron James who just destroys Jason Terry.

lebron dunk on jason terry

This is not a poster you want to be on with Lebron!

As you can see, Lebron got a technical foul for taunting on the play but everyone in the entire Boston Garden witnessed Jason Terry’s murder!

In fact, children all over Boston reported having nightmares on that night of March 18, 2013 after witnessing Lebron’s dunk on Jason Terry.

lebron dunk jason terry
Photo credit: SI.com

Miami Heat bench reacts to the Lebron dunk on Jason Terry:

lebron jason terry dunk reactions

I’ve watched this dunk dozens of times, and the thing that impresses me most (besides the ball movement) is how high King James gets on that dunk.

Lebron is literally eye-level with the rim!

lebron above rim jason terry

Lebron talked about his dunk on Jason Terry and had the following quote:

“It’s one of my better dunks and the fact that it happened to J.T. makes it even that much sweeter because we all know J.T. talks too much sometimes. I’m glad it happened to him.”more Lebron quotes

Well, Jason Terry was speechless after that dunk! He reminded me of a boxer who got caught with an uppercut and then scrambled to get back up off the canvas!

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Jason Terry Talks About Getting Dunked on By Lebron

Jason Terry tells ESPN what he was thinking after being dunked on by Lebron:

Also, in “Untold Stories” Jason Terry talks about being on the wrong end of one of the best Lebron dunks ever saying,

“Every camp, every clinic I go around talking to kids they don’t ask, ‘how’d it feel to play 19 years… how’d it feel to play with Dirk… (or how’d it feel to win a championship)… how’d it feel for Lebron to dunk on you like that?

Do you think this Lebron dunk on Terry was one of the best ever?

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