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andrew wiggins dunk luka doncic

Andrew Wiggins Dunk on Luka Doncic (Posterized!) • 2022

Wiggins nasty dunk on Luka: I was just about to turn off this boring game 3 Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks Western Conference playoff game when this shockingly nasty dunk happened:

Oh, the humanity!

When I saw this dunk, I nearly spit out my chamomile tea which was supposed to help me sleep. Speaking of sleep, I think Luka is going to have nightmares for months after getting mercilessly dunked on by Andrew Wiggins. read more

lebron james quotes

Best Lebron James Quotes: Childhood, Basketball, Leadership, Success

At an early age, LeBron James’ rare combination of size, strength, and skills led him to be called, The Chosen One.” LeBron was born to a 16-year old mother and grew up poor and without a father. However, he persevered and was a phenom on the basketball court from an early age. When it comes to a young LeBron James, I’m reminded of the famous Bible quote, read more

shawn kemp best dunks

Shawn Kemp: Top 10 + Top 50 Dunks, NBA Dunk Contest Highlights (’91,’94)

In my opinion, Shawn Kemp was the nastiest dunk artist of all-time. The 6’10” power forward had a combination of height, finesse, and power that earned him the nickname, “The Reign Man” in Seattle. Kemp produced some of the nastiest dunk and alley-oop highlights of all-time. read more

best nba point guards all time

Top 10 Best Point Guards in NBA History (Greatest Ever!?)

So, how did we determine our list of the best NBA point guards ever?

We looked at essential stats like assists steals and points as well as a player’s ranking in assists percentage PER (player efficiency rating) and win shares just to name a few. We also took into consideration their individual achievements, NBA playoff performances, and any other pertinent accolades. You probably saw a few of these players on our recent list of the best ball-handlers in NBA history, too! read more

Top 10 NBA Ball Handlers of All-Time: Best “Handles” EVER?

No basketball team at any level can be great without at least one great ball handler. When you don’t have one, it’s like college basketball coach Herb Sendek once said: “it’s like having a running back play quarterback, and no matter how well your line blocked, the ball isn’t going to get where it needs to go.” read more

how nba shoe deals work nike

How NBA Shoe Deals Work, & How Jordan Made $100 Million Last Year

NBA players are the highest paid professional athletes in the United States with the average NBA player now averaging $4.9 million per year from the league alone. When you factor in endorsements deals from places like athletic wear companies, sports drinks, and electronics manufacturers, that number can easily double or triple. read more