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Shawn Kemp: Top 10 + Top 50 Dunks, NBA Dunk Contest Highlights (’91,’94)

In my opinion, Shawn Kemp was the nastiest dunk artist of all-time. The 6’10” power forward had a combination of height, finesse, and power that earned him the nickname, “The Reign Man” in Seattle. Kemp produced some of the nastiest dunk and alley-oop highlights of all-time.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a highlight video of Shawn Kemp’s best dunks:

Shawn Kemp Top 50 Dunks:

OMG! I find myself reacting to some of those dunks like I’m watching a horror movie while eating a lemon. Nasty!

“Don’t fake the funk on a nsaty dunk.” – Shaquille O’Neal

Well said Shaq. Clearly, Shawn Kemp did not fake the funk. In fact, he was the funk!

Should we try to narrow those dunk highlights down to a top 10? OK, here are the top 10 dunks of Shawn Kemp’s career:

Shawn Kemp Top 10 Dunks:

Here are ten of the best dunks of Shawn Kemp’s legendary NBA career. My favorite? Watch the dunk on Chris Gatling. How often do you see a player get dunked on and then shake hands out of pure respect?

Shawn Kemp Dunk on Rodman:

Don’t forget Shawn Kemp’s famous dunk on Dennis Rodman in the 1996 NBA Finals:

shawn kemp dunk on dennis rodman

Here it is on video:

Oh, the humanity! Of course, Shawn Kemp had some nasty dunks in NBA dunk contests, too.

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Shawn Kemp Dunk Contests (1990, 1991, 1992, 1994)

shawn kemp dunk contest
shawn kemp nba dunk contest

Shawn Kemp competed in four slam dunk contests in his first five seasons in the NBA. Kemp never won an NBA dunk contest but did make the finals twice.

In the 1991 NBA Dunk Contest Kemp lost to Dee Brown who famously pumped up his Reebok Pump sneakers. (above) Then, in 1994 he lost to J.R. Rider and the famous East Bay Funk between-the-legs dunk.

OK, you could argue that Shawn Kemp deserved to win, especially in 1991, but that’s OK. Shawn Kemp was possibly the best in-game dunker of all-time.


Bonus: Shawn Kemp’s Son, Jamon:

Shawn Kemp’s son looks, and plays a lot like his dad. Here are some highlights of Jamon, “Reign Drop” Kemp: