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Andrew Wiggins Dunk on Luka Doncic (Posterized!) • 2022

Wiggins nasty dunk on Luka: I was just about to turn off this boring game 3 Golden State Warriors vs. Dallas Mavericks Western Conference playoff game when this shockingly nasty dunk happened:

Oh, the humanity!

When I saw this dunk, I nearly spit out my chamomile tea which was supposed to help me sleep. Speaking of sleep, I think Luka is going to have nightmares for months after getting mercilessly dunked on by Andrew Wiggins. read more

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Andrew Wiggins Bio & Shoes: His GAME Does the Talking

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Photo: Curtis Compton/Atlanta Journal-Constitution via AP

About Andrew Wiggins: If there’s one word you could use to describe Minnesota Timberwolves star forward Andrew Wiggins, it would be quiet. But, before we get into his bio, let’s look at why, even in high school, he has a history of leaving other people at a loss of words: (except for maybe, the word, “nasty?”)

Andrew Wiggins: High School Official Mixtape (nasty!)

Andrew Wiggins Biography: Oh, Canada!

Throughout his life, he’s never been one who needed to be the center of attention in every minute of the day. On the contrary, he’d be perfectly happy to be out of the spotlight away from the court. It’s a large part of why he is so reluctant to open up to anyone outside of his inner circle and the Timberwolves’ locker room.

It’s not that the Toronto-born Wiggins is rude to those he doesn’t know or lacks the intellect to hold a conversation. On the contrary, he’s polite and might be one of the NBA’s most cerebral players. It’s that unless the subject is ping-pong, one of his favorite ways to unwind when he’s off the court, he often simply doesn’t have much to say.

Wisdom in silence

Wise men speak because they have something to say;
Fools because they have to say something.” Plato

There’s a reason for that. While others talk, Wiggins is calculating, learning from the words around him. He doesn’t speak unless he needs to, and more often than not, there’s nothing that needs to be said. His game says all that is necessary and a lot more.

Wiggins has been a top contributor from day one in the Twin Cities, scoring 17 points per game as a rookie and claiming Rookie of the Year honors in 2014-15. Two years later, the 6’8″ Wiggins had brought his scoring average to 21.6 points a game and made it clear that the Timberwolves have a blossoming star that they can build around to resurrect their team.

If Wiggins doesn’t want to do much talking about his success, that’s just fine with the Timberwolves. All that matters to them is the performance he gives them on a nightly basis.

“Winners come in all different personality types,” Minnesota coach Tom Thibodeau said. “Some guys are quiet, but they’re fierce inside. Some guys are loud, and you think they’re fierce but they’re not. I watch a player’s actions. They tell me everything.” read more