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North Face Thermal & ETip Gloves: On Sale at Finish Line + Use a Coupon!

a christmas story ralphyIts amazes me how many people I still see outside with no gloves on, even when we are experiencing the coldest weather in 20+ years. Sure – if your plan is to just warm up your car, run to it, drive, park, and then run into work, you’ll be fine… but what happens if you blow a tire and have to get out of your warm car to change it like Ralphie’s father did in a Christmas StoryHuh? What then, hot shot? (yikes, I’m starting to sound like my mother.)

You Really Need a Pair of the North Face E-Tip Gloves (So cool!)

But really folks, you need some gloves. And Finish Line has a great selection of The North Face gloves including their popular e-tip gloves that let you use your phone while wearing them.

And remember, these gloves are from The North Face, so you know there is some serious cold weather engineering going on here – including 300-weight fleece for warmth and Taslan nylon inserts on the knuckles for strength.

Another cool feature of these gloves is called the “E-tip” (mind out of the gutter, please), which allows you to still use the touchscreen on your iPhone when wearing them. So you can, you know, take a picture of your car thermostat at -1˚ and post it to Facebook (real original, buddy), or film your friend burning themselves with boiling water.