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philly eagles face masks

Fanatics: Philadelphia Eagles Masks, Face Coverings w/ Filter (+ Kids!)

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Philadelphia Eagles Face Masks: It wasn’t long ago that the only Eagles face masks were the ones that the players wore. Well, a lot changed in a matter of days, and now we all have to wear masks.

While we started out wearing ugly n95 medical face masks that you’d expect in a hospital, we now have a lot more options. In fact, we’ve ordered a number of masks from companies like Vistaprint and Fanatics with stylish designs.

Here in Philadelphia, we love our Eagles, so you can imagine how happy we were to find these Philadelphia Eagles filtered face masks on fanatics.com. Unlike the homemade ones you find on sites like Etsy, these masks are officially licensed by the NFL.

Philadelphia Eagles Face Masks from Fanatics: (Free Shipping!)

These are currently our favorite Philadelphia Eagles masks and there are designs for both adults and children.

How much do they cost? The masks are sold in packs of 3 for $24.99 at fanatics.com. For free shipping, click and use code: FREESHIP!

philadelphia eagles face masks
philadelphia eagles face covering mask

Philadelphia Eagles Filtered Face Masks for KIDS!

These face coverings are available in kids sizes, too! Just choose “Size small.” The masks are sold in packs of 3, so it’s no problem is your kids lose one or if one is in the wash.

philadelphia eagles kids face masks

Pretty sweet, right? You can currently buy or pre-order these Philadelphia Eagles face masks at fanatics.com.

Eagles Cloth Masks With Filters!

Another potential issue with those homemade Eagles face masks is that they are not filtered. These masks are reusable and have a filter pocket for disposable filters:

face mask inside filter pocket

You can buy replacement filters at a number of places online including Vistaprint where they cost about $1 each.

Eagles Face Mask FAQs:

Do these Eagles masks come with filters?

No. While there is a filter pocket, the filters are sold separately.

Are these masks machine-washable?

Yes! These face masks are reusable and machine wash to clean.

Are these licensed by the NFL?

Yes! These masks are licensed by the Philadelphia Eagles, and proceeds are donated to the CDC Foundation

Are these Eagles masks considered PPE?

No. These face masks are not PPE (personal protective equipment) for hospital use.

How much do Eagles Masks cost?

Masks are 3 for $24,99. Use code FREESHIP for free delivery!

If you want to learn more about PPE (personal protective equipment) check out CDC.gov.

Phildelphia Eagles: Life During the Pandemic

Philadelphia Eagles player, Brandon Graham, talks about life during the pandemic on Eagles Insider.

Thanks for stopping by NastyDunk.com to check out these Eagles safety masks! We also have a free shipping coupon for FinishLine.com here!

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Finish Line: NFL Jerseys, T-Shirts, & Apparel Up to 20% Off

finish line logo smallNFL Jerseys at Finish Line – If you are looking for apparel for your favorite football team, check out the selection at finishline.com, and pick up a promo code for up to a 20% discount before you buy!

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NFL Jerseys Coupon for finishline.com

Just in time for football season, Finish Line has a tremendous selection of NFL replica jerseys available for both men and women. Made with light-weight mesh, the jerseys feature your favorite player’s name and number. Here’s a short list of some of the player jerseys they have in stock:

– Tom Brady – Ezekiel Elliot – Aaron Rodgers – Troy Polamalu – Carson Wentz – Drew Brees
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Why Are They Called “Jerseys”: Brief History of Sport Shirts

early basketball jerseys

Have you ever wondered why they call a sports uniform a “jersey”? As a person who has lived in New Jersey and played sports his entire life, I can’t believe I’ve never given this any thought until now. So after some quick research, let me drop some knowledge on you…

Back in the olden days, basketball uniforms were made out of a fabric called “jersey” which was comprised of knitted wool. (Imagine playing a heated game of hoops in wool?) And why was the fabric called “jersey” you ask? Well, the material was produced, since medieval times, on the island of Jersey, which is the largest of the Channel Islands off the coast of France. Confused yet?

eli manning jersey

Oh, so, Jersey, like the fabric!?

So jersey was the actual material used to make the uniforms for basketball, and eventually the uniform just became known as “a jersey.” Then other sports, including football, just picked up using the term “jersey” to describe their uniforms…and there you have it.

Have I said the word “jersey” enough in this post? No? Here’s one more then: jersey.

*Also check out the worst jerseys and sports uniforms of all time from bleacher report!