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Cool and Casual: Women’s Pumas Coupon for Shoes.com


Cool and Casual: Women’s Pumas on Sale at Shoes.com: The Puma brand has always been synonymous with cool and casual styling, mainly because of its attachment to the street skating culture of the early 90s. And while the classic Puma Suede hits a 10 on the freshness-meter (that’s a real thing, the Freshness-Meter – you can Google it), the rest of the Puma brand is pretty tight as well. read more

Hit the Trail – 25% Off Women’s Solomon Trail Shoes + A Promo Code!



Hit the Trail – 25% Off Women’s Solomon Trail Shoes + A Promo Code!: Trail running is one of my favorite outdoor activities. The varied terrain breaks up the monotony of running, and you have to be hyper-aware of your surroundings – one minute you might be hopping over a log, the next you might be splashing across a stream. It’s a good mental, as well as physical, workout! Trail running is also a great way to vary your workout and hit muscle groups that aren’t normally engaged with flat road running. You’re going to feel it after being out on the trails! read more

Women’s ASICS Running Shoes: Up To 30% Off at Shoes.com


Women’s ASICS Running Shoes Up To 30% Off at Shoes.com: As the winter comes to a close, it’s time to get off the treadmill and start to plan out your outdoor running routes. Early Spring is one of my favorite time to run outside; everything smells fresh, and after being cooped up inside for the majority of the Winter, it’s as good for the mind as it is the body. The change in seasons is also the perfect time to evaluate the condition of your current running shoes to see if they need to be replaced. read more

Attention! Steve Madden Military-Inspired Troopa Boots: 20% Off Coupon


ATTENTION! (soldier) Steve Madden Military-Inspired Troopa Boots Are 15% Off!Steve Madden shoes are well known for a blend of solid construction and trend-setting design, and the Troopa “casual military” boots are no different. (“casual military” …hmm. Now there’s a solid oxymoron). read more