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Finish Line Back to School Sale: Up to 40% Off (Ongoing)

finish line logo smallBack to School Sale at Finish Line  – Ahh, summers as a kid. Long, hot and lazy days, mosquito bites, the beach, no homework… heaven! (all except the mosquito bites, that is. Those sucked, and still do.) Well, even if it’s not September, you can check out the latest promo codes from below for discounts and free shipping:

Back to School Sales Are Annoying; Especially Shoes

kid back to schoolNo, we’re not talking about the 1986 movie, Back to School, featuring Rodney Dangerfield. As we sweat our way through July to August, one timeless summer ritual is fast approaching: back-to-school shopping.

I vividly remember schlepping through the mall with my mom, picking out clothes that were SO not cool, and then her banging on the dressing-room door, yelling, “Come out here so I can see how it fits! Is it too tight in the crotch?!?” …*shudder*…the horror.

Now, through the miracle of the internets, you’re telling me I can avoid the mall, pick out all my kids back to school clothes online, have them delivered to my front door for free AND get a solid discount? Yes please.

Finish Line has a wide selection of boys sneakers, ensuring that he will look fresh on that first day back. Click on the button below to see all the boys shoes as well as get a coupon for 10% off of your order.

They also has a great selection of kids clothes including his favorite pro team jersey, as well as backpacks. And if your total order is over $200, view all of our featured Finish Line coupons and free shipping codes for even larger discounts, up to 20% off your entire order.

Back to School: FUN FACT:

(You’re right, there’s nothing fun about going back to school.) I’ve always thought having the summer off from school was a carryover from when our country was more agrarian and kids needed to help their families with the harvest during those months.

Wrong! Here are the real historical reasons:

1. Poorly ventilated schools (no AC!) meant extremely uncomfortable classrooms during the hot summer months
2. Hot, crowded classrooms could create environments perfect for spreading disease
3. Wealthy folks took long vacations during the summer months and so did school administrators, so school was not well attended in these months anyway (school attendance wasn’t mandatory back in the day!)

Why Do We Go Back to School Anyway? We’re Not Farmers!

There’s a movement afoot in some states to radically restructure the 180 day school year to better align with the majority of the rest of the world as American children are falling rapidly behind students in other countries. One popular alternative is the “45-15″ calendar, by which nine-week school blocks alternate with three-week vacation blocks throughout the year so there is better retention of information. Another alternative is to just lengthen the school year (the Israeli school year is 216 days and the Japanese school year is 243 days, FYI).

Now, if I were still a kid, I would think that this is the worst idea since homework. However, as a parent, I now can see the benefit to a longer, more structured school year.